Amid the mists, a vision of gothic beauty unfolds: alpine splendor, tinkling streams, buttressed churches climbing heavenward, a majestic castle built upon a soaring crag overlooking an idyllic village. The trained eye of adventurers perceives the flaws in this tableau, though. The ancient forests harbor lurking threats. Clear-running waters empty into vast, still lakes that hide evils in their depths. Church spires reach up from empty, faithless naves. A chill wind pierces the village that cowers ever in the shadow of the castle that also serves as an eternal tomb.

The moon hangs heavy in the night sky, fog rising from these cursed lands like the last breath of the dying. This is the home of the Devil Strahd, the damned lord of Barovia, and all who dwell in his demesne suffer under his deathless presence.

All that may change, though, as newly arrived visitors to this benighted realm bring with them a flickering flame of hope. Can they nurture its flames to scourge the dread lord of the demesne? Or will they suffer the same fate as countless heroes who have preceded them, falling to the fangs of Count Strahd von Zarovich, snuffed out like candles in a gale?

Requiem for Heroes

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