Requiem for Heroes

Session One: Into the Mists

The devil beckons

As they woke to learn that they had unknownly availed themselves of the interloper Arrigal's hospitality, the group was suspicious. In particular, they thought these places that Arrigal spoke of — Barovia and the Svalich Wood — and their problems were outlandish. But it turns out that they were the "outlanders," a term that gave them no love toward Arrigal. The party agreed, however, to accompany Arrigal to visit the burgomaster of Barovia and see what he would ask of them. This only after the barbarian forced Arrigal to let him hold his shirt as collateral, as a display of dominance. Arrigal agreed, and gave to them a letter inviting them at the burgomaster's request to aid him for great reward.

It turns out that Arrigal was — unsurprisingly — not a fellow to be trusted, as he vanished into the mists when the party passed through the gates of the enormous wall isolating Barovia from the forest beyond. Without recourse, the party kept to the road and found the remains of another traveler with a similar letter from the same burgomaster, but one with a much more ominous tone that mentioned a dread vampyr as the source of the woes of Barovia. As they considered what these two letters meant, a monstous dire wolf set upon them. Dispatching the beast, the party observed a raven casting a wary eye upon them.

Approaching the village of Barovia, the party heard mournful cries from one of the townhouses, which was the home of the distraught Mad Mary. With uncharacteristic sympathy, the barbarian consoled Mary and learned of the disappearance of her daughter, whom he vowed to return. Eager to storm the castle overlooking the benighted village, the barbarian was instead cajoled into visiting the burgomaster's home by the rogue and sorcerer…

…who found the mansion burned and its windows shattered. They negotiated their way inside to meet the burgomaster's daughter, who, with her brother's help, had built the coffin that now housed her father.


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