Requiem for Heroes

Session Three: Death House

Opulence and Omens

With the rogue recovering from his rough handling (and the rogue's player missing the session), the barbarian and sorcerer needed to approach the menace of the dread lord in the castle on the crag from a different direction. Father Donavich recalled that in the village's past, a jaded family of wealthy grandees who sought to court the Devil Strahd's favor. Donavich confided that things ended poorly for the family, but that their townhouse still stood on the eastern side of the village, and perhaps held some clues as to the vampire's goals or weaknesses.

The (diminished) party sallied forth and found the house, to be surprised by the disturbing pair of children who greeted them at the door. The barbarian, believing the children to be fledgling vampires, swung his vicious axe at them — but they vanished, seemingly apparitions. With that unsettling encounter framing their arrival at the house, they entered… and things slowly got worse.

The lower levels of the house were abandoned but held numerous secrets — and no few valuable treasures. As they made their way upstairs, the party ran afoul of a suit of animated armor that gave them quite a drubbing, but they ultimately prevailed. After a few more unpleasant surprises including a specter and some grisly family history, the duo made their way to the attic, where they found the lair of the unfortunate children. The children were initially cooperative, informing the adventurers of "the monster in the basement," but when the adventurers made to leave, the sorcerer came under the possession of the ghostly daughter. Deciding that returning better prepared and in the company of the rogue was the better course of action, the sorcerer and barbarian repaired to Donavich's church, to pursue the mystery of the monster in the basement at a later date.


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