Requiem for Heroes

Session Zero: Storm on the Horizon

Homeward bound?

After an exhausting campaign in the Cairn Hills, the adventurers made their way toward Greyhawk, but an ominous storm gathered in the sky. They discovered a crumbling tower on the purpling horizon, where they took cover, only to find that someone else had made camp their first — but wasn't there when they arrived.

Pilfering the camper's goods, they determined that their fellow traveler was some sort of entertainer. That information seemed less urgent, however, than the sorcerer, exploring the remains of the tower's second story, running afoul of a nest of centipedes. With vermin bites laying them low, the party decided to hunker down for the night, sweat out the poison, and weather the storm.

A gale commenced, and a deluge of heavy raindrops made keeping watch difficult. The savvy rogue, however, discerned movement in the ruins beyond the tower walls. Beset by vengeful skeletons from tombs in the Cairn Hills, the party fought off the undead with trusty axes, arrows, and magic missiles.

They resumed their rest as an unwholesome chill crept in on the heels of the storm. When they rose, it seemed that the original owner of the tent had made his return — and hoped they had appreciated his unwitting hospitality. With the tower ruin campsite enshrouded in the post-storm fog, the stranger made his introduction….

Session zero involved character creation so I've left out a lot of character details, in case the players decide they want to adjust elements of their PCs. This was largely a character-creation session with a few simple encounters to introduce lapsed players who hadn't played in years to fifth-edition rules. Next time: into the mists!


JustinAchilli JustinAchilli

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